Scientific supervisor – MD, prof. Hominska Zinaida B.
Research team leader of Biochemistry – PhD Tishchenko Valentyna K.

Division was established in 1958. Headed department since its foundingprofessor Travyanko Tatiana D. from 1958 to 1998, from 1998 till nowheaded by MD, professor Hominska Z.B.

Main directions of scientific and practical activities:

Disclosure of pathogenic mechanisms of hormone pathological processes of the reproductive system not pregnant women.

Defining the role of endocrine factors in patobiozi cystic fibrous breastdisease in pregnant women.

The study of endocrine provision pregnancy at obstetrical and extragenitalpathology.
Clarifying the role of endocrine markers in prenatal screening for congenitalmalformations of the fetus.

Conducting research in the endocrine system of new reproductive technologies.

Installing the hormonal equivalent level of emotional stress in children andwomen under normal and pathological conditions.

Determining the impact of environmental factors on the endocrine organs of women’s and children’s organisms.

Study of energy metabolism, phospholipid composition of cell membranes,macro-and micro-elements in obstetric pathology.

Determining the relationship of metabolic processes of connective tissueproteins in connective tissue diseases in pregnant women and children withrheumatic heart disease.

Conducting research for the clinicals SI IPOG NAMS Ukraine.”

Implementation advice hospitals of the country on hormonal diagnosis.

Methods of laboratory diagnosis: ELISA, radioimmunoassay,biochemicaletc. 

The department has five scientists, including MD – 1 , PhD – 2.