Scientific supervisor - Victoria L. Dronova, MD, professor, tel. .+38(044) 489-53-63

Head  -  Brazhuk Victor, MD, tel. +38(044) 483-22-69

Operations carried out by:

 Podolsky Vasily, MD, professor;

Avramenko Tetiana, MD, professor;

Tumanova Larisa, MD, professor;

Skrypchenko Natalia, MD;

Zhabchenko Iryna, MD;

Yanyuta Sergiy, MD, Honoured doctor of Ukraine;

Savchenko Sergiy, MD;

Davydova Julia, MD;

Podolsky Volodymyr, PhD;

Brazhuk Victor, PhD.

Department engaged rodorozrishennyam pregnant by Caesarean section as in the planning and in urgent basis.

The feature works is that transactions are pregnant with severe extragenital and obstetric pathology who come from different regions of Ukraine, which indicates a great experience and maysterstvo specialist obstetric clinics.

Department consists of 3 operating with ancillary facilities.