The department has 3 research unis:

Department of scientific problems miscarriage - Head of research department Pisarev Svetlana Petrovna, MD, professor, doctor of the highest category, tel. (044) 483-80-64;

Department of pathology of pregnancy and childbirth - Head of research department, Zhabchenko Irina, MD, a doctor of the highest category, tel. (044) 483-90-81;

Department of introduction and study of the effectiveness of modern medical technology in obstetrics and perinatology - Head of research department, Skrypchenko Natalia Y., MD, a doctor of the highest category, tel. (044) 483-80-59;

The head of the clinical department Skrypchenko Natalia Y., MD, a doctor of the highest category

Phisicians list:

Skrypchenko Natalia - MD;

Zhytskyy Alexander - PhD;

Volyanskiy Igor - MD;

Pohytun Marina - MD;

Nevyshna Julia - MD;

Gayevska Galina - MD;

Department for pregnant women and mothers with obstetric pathology for 80 beds, of which 55 - Pathology of pregnancy, 25 - after birth.

Treated in the department are pregnant women with obstetric pathology: the threat of termination of pregnancy, with complicated obstetric and gynecological history (mortinatality, zavmerlavahitnist, infertility, miscarriage) izosensybilizatsiya ABO system and Rh, toxicosis I and II half of pregnancy, narrow pelvis, anemia, nepravylnepolozhennya fetal, placental insufficiency, bahatoplidnavahitnist, pregnant women with bacterial and viral infections (toxoplasmosis, herpes, cytomegalovirus, etc.).

The department uses modern methods of diagnosis and treatment of pregnant women and mothers.

In order comprehensive survey of pregnant women with fibrocystic breast disease introduced ultrasound breast screening pregnant, bacteriological examination of the vagina and intestine.

Implemented a differentiated approach to the treatment and prevention of isthmic-cervical insufficiency, prevention and treatment of urogenital infections in pregnant women with fibrocystic disease of the breast. Introduced method gymnastics in pregnant women with different types of obstetric pathology.

A comprehensive prenatal preparation in pregnant women with obstetric disorders including gestational age and the use of graduated exercise on bicycle, therapeutic exercises using fitbolterapiyi, relaxation and music therapy.

Zastosovyutsya differentiated approach to the correction of dysbiotic changes in the genital tract and intestines pregnant using probiotics.

Introduced of labor in private maternity rooms and family rooms.

The feature works is that the department has been the most complex pathology that occurs in pregnant women and present difficulties of diagnosis and treatment.

Doctors carry out advisory visits to different regions of Ukraine.