Scientific supervisors:

Vovk Iryna, MD, proffesor, tel. (044) 483-83-24;

Kornatska Alla, MD, proffesor, tel. (044) 489-47-41;

Head - Raksha Iryna, PhD, tel. (044) 489-47-41.

Phisicians list:

Ivaniuta Lidia - MD, professor;
Dubchak Alla - MD;
Kondratiuk Valentyna - MD;
Peterburgska Vira - PhD;
Revenko Oleg - PhD;
Dubenko Olga - PhD;
Danylenko Olena - PhD;
Chubey Galyna - PhD;
Borysiuk Oleg - PhD;
Bryn Volodymyr - PhD;
Ovchar Inna - MD;
Trohymovych Olga - PhD;
Horban Natalia - Junior researcher;
Kalyuta Alina - MD;
Baranetska Iryna - MD.

Department deals with diagnosis and treatment of various gynecological diseases in women of reproductive age, yaks are interested in implementing and maintaining reproductive function (women planning pregnancy or Worms Worms do not suffer infertility of various origins).

Diseases of the reproductive system, yaks associated with inflammation, endocrine changes, endometriosis, uterine leiomyomas, abnormalities of the internal genitalia.

Department is also engaged in the preparation prehravidarnoyu women burdened with midwives and gynecological history, operative rehabilitation reproductive function of women with infertility.

The feature of the department is that it has been the most challenging disorders of the reproductive system, many women pryyizdzhayut from different regions of Ukraine and CIS countries with diseases, yaks are some difficulties of diagnosis and treatment in the field. This shows the experience of experts and significant branch of the possibility of diagnostic tests.

Doctors perform on-site counseling to patients ("air force rank"), requiring highly skilled help and who can not be transported to the Institute.

The department is designated to treat 30 women.