Scientific supervisor - MD, professor, Honored Science and Technology Worker of Ukraine Omelchenko I. Ludmila,  (044) 483 92 51.

Manager – PhD Petrenko B. Lidiya,  (044) 483 61 75

Physicians list:

Dudka V. Irina - PhD, Specialist in Pediatric Immunology.

Dacenko O. Larisa - PhD.

Nikolayenko B. Victoria - PhD, Specialist in Pediatric Cardiorheumatologist.

Oshlyanska A. Olena - MD, Specialist in Pediatric Immunology.

Ludvik A. Tetana - PhD, Specialist in Pediatric.

The main directions of health care department:

  • Examination, treatment and advice on preventing complications in patients withrheumatic diseases: juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, acute rheumatic fever andrheumatic heart disease, dermatomyositis, systemic lupus erythematosus, systemicscleroderma, reactive arthritis.
  • Examination, treatment and advice on preventing complications in children with symptoms of connective tissue dysplasia: hypermobility of joints, skin hiperelastoz, incorrect posture, mitral valve prolapse and other anomalies valve-chordal apparatus of the heart.
  • Examination and treatment of children with conditions that are accompanied by: prolonged fever, fluctuating blood pressure (hypertension and hypotension), pain in the area of ​​the heart, pains in joints, headaches, prolonged increase in peripheral lymph nodes, frequent ( more than 6-8 times per year) for cold diseases, metabolic syndrome, intoxication syndrome, a syndrome of increased fatigue, significant deformations of the spine, extremities.

To clarify the diagnosis have an opportunity to laboratory and instrumental examinationof sick children within their Institute and other institutions of the National Academy ofMedical Sciences of Ukraine and diagnostic centers in Kyiv.

Extensive experience of doctors offices and use of modern technology allow early diagnosis of diseases and effective assistance to the sick child.

Outpatient counseling of our staff (including children`s cardiorheumatologist and immunologist) is based on the consultative clinic of the Institute.