Scientific supervisor – MD, professor Znamenska Tetiana, tel. (044) 483-62-20.

Head – PhD, Zhuravel Iryna, tel. (044) 483-58-43

Department deals with diagnosis and treatment of newborns and premature babies: bronchopulmonary disease (congenital pneumonia, respiratory distress syndrome type I – pulmonary atelectasis, hyaline membrane disease), gastrointestinal tract (ulcerative necrotizing enterocolitis), diseases of children born to mothers with diabetes and gestational diabetes (diabetic fetopatiya, diabetic cardiomyopathy), and izoimunni transimunni conflicts ABO system and the Rh-factor pathology of hemostasis (transimunni and izoimunni thrombocytopenia, hemorrhagic disease of newborn syndrome dysseminovanoho intravascular coagulation), diseases of the central and peripheral nervous of various etiologies, intrauterine infection.

With all the pathologies neonatal period carries out daily monitoring of vital functions, individual development programs parenteral nutrition to meet the needs for energy and nutrients, applications of infusion therapy to correct fluid and electrolyte metabolism and metabolism.

Department is engaged in providing intensive care and post-reanimation intensive therapy for children with low and extremely low weight at birth, preoperative diagnosis and medical assistance to children with birth defects that require transportation for surgery (congenital heart defects, spinal kily, malformations of the gastrointestinal tract, etc.)..

The feature of the department is to provide care for children of low and extremely low weight at birth and newborns from mothers with various complications of pregnancy and childbirth, coming from different regions Borderland.

The above indicates the experience of specialists offices and significant opportunities for the diagnostic and therapeutic work.

The department is designated to provide medical care for children 9.