Scientific supervisor –  PhD Lisyana O. Tamara

Laboratory of Microbiology, founded in1951. Scientific Supervisor from1951 to 1980 was PhD Molchenko E.F. The laboratory performed a wide range of studies aimed at the diagnosis of infectious diseases in pregnant women, newborns and children.
Scientific research of Molchenko E.F. revealed the immunological mechanisms of the pathogenesis of toxoplasmosis person allowed to receive information about the antigenic composition of the parasite toxoplasmosis. Experimental studies were conducted at the molecular level study of the structure of  DNA.
From 1980 to 1987 leadership of laboratory carried PhD Kucherova N.T. The main directions of scientific work for the period from I980 to 1987 was to study the etiology of intestinal infectionsin infants, including intestinal dysbiosis. Based on the results of these studies were designed therapeutic feeding centers for children and pregnant women.
Since 2001, the work of the laboratory of microbiology led PhD Lisyana Tamara.

Research laboratory conducts the following areas:
study features microbiocenosis in biological environments of the reproductive systemin women with infertility and dyshormonal breast;
diagnosis of inflammatory diseases of the genital tract chlamydial bacterial and fungal etiology in women of reproductive age;
study of thegenital tract microbiocenosis in women with impaired reproductive function;
study features dysbiotic changes in the gutof children with chronic viral hepatitis and enterocolitis, improve the use of probiotics for correction microbiocenosis intestine;
improve methods of prevention of recurrent bronchitis and asthmatic children based on assessment of the ecological community respiratory tract;

As a result of research studied the pathogenetic role of bacteria, chlamydia, ureaplasma, fungi in the event of breach of pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum women and in women with infertility;
Results of scientific work of laboratories were used to develop differential diagnostic criteria of infectious diseases in clinical departments of the institute.
Scientific laboratory staff involved in the implementation of research topics that have the purpose to evaluate changes in immunity and bacterial colonization of the respiratory tract, genital tract, gastrointestinal tract in patients livingin the contaminated territories. The results were the basis for improvement of prevention and treatment of inflammatory processes in the above patients.

In the laboratory of microbiology applied research work in a number of modern methods of diagnosis of infectious diseases: methods and fluorescent ELISA diagnostic toxoplasmosis, chlamydia, ureaplasmosis. A diagnosis of rolex replica anaerobic infections.The laboratory staff participating in the meetings,symposia and conferences. Over the past 10 years, received10 patents, published150 articles.