Head of maternity consulting Koblosh  Natalia

Reception tel. (+380-44) 483 62 43.

“Maternity Consulting”  SI “Institute of Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology of the NAMS of Ukraine” is a clinical unit of the Institute, which is based on specialized medical aid to patients.

We have leading experts, doctors and researchers in the field of infectious diseases, dermatology, ophthalmology,pediatric surgery, etc.
“Maternity Consulting” provides special care to women with gynecological, endocrinological disorders, cervical pathology, infertility, family planning, disease perimenopausal period.

Highly specialized treatment and preventive care provided by a group of extremely experienced physicians who are well trained in complex diagnostics and treatment, and, if necessary, hospitalized to the respective obstetrical and gynecological department of the institute.